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About Us


Negril Research Centre is a non-for-profit organization devoted to community-based research towards an equitable, just, and sustainable environment. The mission of the Negril Research Centre is to restore coastal ecosystems through community-based research and management. The end goal is transforming Negril into a sustainable biosphere.



Main objectives of the Negril Research Centre are:


  • To promote public participation and stakeholder involvement in the restoration, sustainability and management of coastal ecosystems in Negril through community-based research

  • To engage local schools in community-based research by facilitating student inquiry-based learning and conducting teacher workshops

  • To instigate the collaboration in research of local, national and international students, researchers and institutions 

  • To assist in disseminating the results of the community’s research and according to its recommendations, in undertaking the necessary steps towards the restoration of coastal ecosystems and creating a sustainable environment in Negril

  • To facilitate research by offering logistic support, lodgings, laboratory facilities, transport, communications, and on-site reference documentation

  • To provide up-to-date scientific literature and information on the restoration and management of coastal ecosystems

  • To inform the community of the environmental research done in Negril and in coastal zones worldwide through public presentations and exhibitions


The Team

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